Wychwood School was founded by Dr.Rebecca Wells-Jopling, an educational psychologist and former school teacher in Toronto.

For some time Dr. Wells-Jopling has been gathering information on the evidence-based characteristics of excellent elementary schools. She has also had many enlightening conversations with researchers in education and psychology, and with educators, parents, and students. She has incorporated that knowledge into developing an excellent program at Wychwood School.

Dr. Wells-Jopling received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and Education from the University of Toronto. She also completed a B.Ed. at the University of Toronto, an M.A. in French Language and Literature at Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia), and a B.A. in French and English at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas).
She has taught in the public school system in Toronto, in the French program at Emory University, and high school in Bordeaux, France. She is also a Provincially Trained Ontario Competition Level Baseball Coach, and coaches baseball teams of different ages and levels year round.