Wychwood School is a gem. My two daughters are thriving at the school, learning all about the world and all the wonderful ways of looking at it.

The school’s curriculum builds on the Ontario curriculum but enriches it in so many interesting ways that students are never bored or unmotivated. Day to day lessons in the major subjects are challenging, but they are also perfectly matched to the needs and abilities of the students. No one is left behind. The atmosphere in the school is consistently welcoming and positive.

Not only is Dr. Wells-Jopling an innovator and pioneer in children’s education; she is a caring and respectful teacher who listens to her students, understands their needs, and knows how to motivate them and spark their curiosity.

The list of creative and interesting educational activities my daughters have experienced at the school goes on and on: this year alone there have been twice monthly High Park nature center visits, visiting guest speakers (a policewoman and an Ontario court judge!), amazing science experiments, a wonderful poetry reading night, lessons in architecture and engineering, sports competitions (e.g., track and field, badminton, ping pong), math lessons made fun, an outstanding choice of children’s literature, field trips (to the ROM, Science Centre, Young People’s Theatre), and on and on.

I think this is the best education in the city.

Father of students in Grades 3 and 5

My child is entering his second year at Wychwood School. He enjoys going to school each day and being with a cohesive group of classmates.

His work level is tailored to his academic level, regardless of actual grade, and is never boring and never too hard. He is stimulated and learning.

Dr. Wells-Jopling (known as Rebecca to both students and parents) prioritizes fostering a strong connection with each child in the school, and they all seem to feel understood and appreciated.

I feel grateful to have found Wychwood School.

Mother of Grade 8 student

The inner need for a child to succeed is key to Rebecca. She knows how to work with different children and their personalities with good humour, and she is held in high regard by them all.

My child went from an obstinate reader much below grade level, to a book lover in one year at Wychwood School. The reading material is top rate for each grade.

Wychwood School is an open discussion environment where children from all grades learn to grow into analytical, self-confident participants. Every student learns to mutually respect one another and each others’ different views.

Wychwood School has changed our home environment as well. Your home is only as happy as your happiest child and my child is happier than he ever was in public school.

Mother of Grade 4 student

This year is our son’s 3rd year at Wychwood School. Our decision to send him to this school was based on the quality of education that was being provided and on Dr. Rebecca Wells-Jopling’s credentials and background as an excellent, nurturing, well-qualified teacher who has created a wonderful environment for her students to thrive in.

We are very impressed with how the school has made learning such a wonderfully positive experience. Our son is much more confident now, and I know will be well-prepared for the future.

To all the parents out there who are fully invested in their children’s future, please take the time to visit this school and meet with Dr. Rebecca Wells-Jopling. I assure you that your child will be given every opportunity to achieve the level of potential he or she can aim for.

It’s an excellent school!

Mother and Father of Grade 8 student